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The Dog Pawlour in Fort Collins is your pet’s premier Colorado destination

Top Rated Local Pet Grooming

The Dog Pawlour® has expert pet stylists on staff, including a Nationally Certified Master Groomer, and each has extensive professional experience with dog grooming and cat grooming of all breeds.

All of our groomers are able to use styles from traditional breed cuts to fun and unique styles like Asian fusion, and whether your furry friend needs a simple bath or a full-service haircut, our grooming services will keep your pet happy, shiny, and clean.

Our salon has state of the art equipment and premium products to provide high quality service for our guests. Our stylists participate in continued education to keep up to date with the current trends and perfect their skills.

You’re free to run errands, get a cup of coffee, or just relax while your pet is getting pampered. We’ll give you a call and let you know when they’re ready to be picked up.

When you come back, they will be clean, coiffed, and smelling fresh.

The Clipper Vac

We use a clipper attachment that lifts hair while we trim which provides a consistent finish and prevents hairs from laying flat and getting missed during grooming.

Prima Bathing System

Our Prima system combines compressed air with water and shampoo to deep clean the oil and dirt from your pets coat and skin that is otherwise impossible to reach.

Individual Drying Space

Our separate drying room means that after a dog has been groomed and cleaned they don’t encounter stray fur blown around from other dogs in the grooming area.

Dog Grooming Services

If your Sheltie rolled in something smelly or your Poodle’s ‘do is too unruly, our dog grooming services can definitely help. If your dog is a short-haired breed like a lab or shepherd, and you need help removing all the dead shedding undercoat, that’s no problem.

We have several tools and techniques to help release all that dead undercoat to help keep your dog cooler in the summer and his or her coat easier to manage; especially if your dog is active outdoors.

Full Pet Grooming Service Fort Collins

Our prices for dog and cat grooming are based on the breed, so please call or ask when you make your appointment. Thank you!

We can tailor your pet’s grooming experience to address specific grooming and wellness concerns, such as dry, itchy skin. We offer a variety of additional services for your pet to keep them looking and feeling their best, reduce shedding, treat dry/cracked pads as well as aromatherapy for relaxation.
Full pet Grooming Fort Collins

Our prices for dog and cat grooming are based on the breed, so please call or ask when you make your appointment. Thank you!

Cat Grooming Services

Cats groom themselves, right? For cats with long, thick coats or those that are exceptionally curious and end up exceptionally dirty, a full-service groom makes the most sense for achieving a complete cleaning. And for most cat owners, it’s much easier to allow an expert at cat grooming to take on the task than to fight with a kitty over getting clean. 

Regular bathing and brushing can keep skin healthy, reduce hairballs, and keep fur free of mats. Our cat groomers are experienced working with temperamental cat clients and offer everything from a brushing and toenail trim to a complete bath and fur clip.

Benefits of Scheduling Regular Grooming Appointments

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