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7 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Your Local Groomer, Part 1

Hi there, and welcome back! In our welcome blog, we introduced you to the services we offer here at The Dog Pawlour, which include professional grooming, doggy daycare, and pet sitting, to name a few. We are proud to offer these services to our amazing communities in Fort Collins, Greeley, and the surrounding areas because we are passionate about using our skills to care for your pets. We know that time is precious and understand that sometimes, caring for your pet’s coat and nails can not only be time-consuming to do at home, but also challenging in many cases. In part one of our short blog series, let’s explore some of the many excellent reasons to bring your dog in for pet grooming with our skilled and friendly team. Please continue reading below.

Keep Their Coat Soft and Shiny

As dog parents, we love to pet our pups, and they love the affection and attention; however, when your dog’s coat feels matted and dull, it’s not always the most fun to give them pets, as much as we want to (and still do). Bringing them into see our dog groomers is the perfect way to replenish their coat with moisture and nourishment to rejuvenate its shine and improve its texture. Not only that, regular grooming keeps their coat healthy because it prevents matting, which causes discomfort, and it helps manage grease, dirt, and grime build ups that can block their pores. Aerating their coat keeps them cool in the hotter months and ensures healthy growth. Plus, there’s nothing like petting a freshly-groomed dog with a shiny, silky-soft coat, that smells fresh and clean.

Nourishes Their Skin

Dogs suffer from dry, flaky skin and other skin irritations, just like humans. If you notice frequent scratching and see them chewing on their coat, they’re likely experiencing dry, itchy skin. In most cases, your furry friend is just finding relief for a common itch from dry skin, but other times, excessive itching could be a sign of a much bigger problem. Frequent itching could be from an allergic reaction to seasonal or environmental changes, or it could be from a food allergy. Dry, flaky, itchy skin could also be a sign that your furry friend has contracted pesky fleas or dreaded parasites, which can also cause an allergic reaction. Dry skin can also be symptom of an infection that is either fungal or bacterial, which should be addressed immediately. Additionally, there are many health conditions like hypothyroidism that causes their skin to dry and flake. Bringing your pup to our groomers regularly will help manage their dry skin by replenishing their skin and coat with moisture nutrients.

They Need a Haircut

All dogs can use a haircut every now and then, but for dogs with longer coats, grooming is a must. Regular haircuts from our groomers helps to keep your canine pal’s coat clean, soft, manageable, and not to mention, handsome! Even “shaggy dogs” benefit from regular haircuts because it keeps their coat healthy. Cutting your pup’s hair may seem easy enough to do at home, but having trained professionals with the necessary haircutting skills and access to the best tools and equipment is always a better option. Not only is it easier on you, but also on your dog. What’s more, our groomers can enhance your dog’s appearance with haircuts that accentuate their natural beauty, and can apply styles that are specific to certain breeds so they look their best. You wouldn’t cut your own hair, right? So, why not leave it to the professionals to give your pup a haircut so they’re dressed to impress, so to speak?

They’re Ready for a Bath

Does your canine companion always seem to find that mud puddle, dirt pile, or muddy stream to frolic in when you’re walking them on one of our many nature trails here Fort Collins? This is the perfect reason to bring them in to see our groomers, or even to use our private self-wash stations if you prefer to bathe them yourself. Dogs only need a bath once every one to three months, depending on the breed, coat length, and how often they get into messy situations. Overbathing your puppy pal can cause dry, flaky skin, and can deplete the natural oils from their coat. Sure, spraying them down with hose gets them somewhat clean, but the water is often frigid, and many dogs generally dislike being sprayed with a hose, which can send them fleeing for safety. When you bring them in to see our groomers, we’ll give them a bath at a comfortable temperature in the safety of our tubs designed for dogs’ unique needs. We’ll slather them in all-natural shampoo and conditioner made specifically for dogs, and we’ll give them a thorough brushing before and after. If you would rather give your dog a bath, you can use all the best tools, equipment, and all-natural products to get them clean and shiny in our private and safe dog washing stations.

Acclimate Your Puppy to Grooming

If your family has grown recently with the addition of an adorable puppy, you’ll want to introduce them to grooming early on. In fact, you can start grooming your sweet puppy as early as three weeks, although most puppies don’t go home with their new parent(s) until around eight weeks. Breeders and shelters will begin grooming them in their first few weeks, so you’ll want to continue doing so after bringing them home. Acclimating them to grooming early will get them used to being brushed, washed, and having their ears cleaned and nails trimmed. This will typically help their behaviors and comfort levels when they’re being groomed.

They Could Use a Brushing

Dogs need to be brushed regularly, especially breeds with long coats. Regular brushing helps reduce matting and tangles, and keeps their coat healthy, silky, and shiny. Brushing your canine cutie regularly can also cut down on the amount of hair in your home, which can help reduce allergies and respiratory issues as a result of dander. At The Dog Pawlour, we have special tools and brushes designed specifically for dogs so that we can remove loose hair from your dog’s coat easily. A thorough brushing is included with each grooming service, and once we give them a haircut, we’ll brush them again and de-shed them.

Trim Up Those Nails

Keeping up with your dog’s nails is important for many reasons. Not only do trimmed nails enhance your dog’s appearance, but nail trims also help maintain your pup’s foot structure, posture, and function. Bringing your dog in for regular nail trimmings will improve the overall health of your dog’s foot, and can keep your dog’s nails free of infection and unhealthy growth. What’s more, keeping their nails short will reduce scratch marks that may occur on wood floors, and can reduce scratching on the skin if your dog likes to greet you and others with excited jumps and hugs.

Schedule Dog Grooming Today

These are just a few of the reasons why you should bring your dog in for grooming with our friendly and knowledgeable groomers. As dog parents and animals lovers ourselves, you can rest assured that your furry family member is in good hands when they come to The Dog Pawlour. Give us a call to schedule a dog grooming appointment with us at our Fort Collins location or our Greeley location. We look forward to getting your pup clean, soft, and shiny!

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